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Dr. George Watts and Associates has over twenty years of delivering high impact executive development and improvement programs and talent management consulting. The firm has significant expertise in executive assessment, leadership training and building high producing consultative sales teams.

Dr. George Watts and Associates is focusing on Leadership Consulting (please check out our Leadership Consulting page). The work is grounded on the concepts in Becoming Your Own Business Coach and the accompanying manual, Guided Self Awareness for Business Professionals.

From George:

“I am a behavioral scientist; my Doctoral Degree is in Counseling Psychology (The College of William and Mary). I am licensed in two states (Texas, Illinois, LPC), am a board member of the Society for Psychologists in Management, and have contributed professional articles to the Society for Psychologists in Management journal and other literature. My latest book, “Becoming Your Own Business Coach” is the culmination of my thinking on how executives can improve and unlock their highest potential through guided self awareness”.

“I began my career working for a large sales organization. Every day, for five years, I interviewed, tested and trained salespeople. This gave me a philosophical foundation for how (I believe) companies should be led.  Sales driven or other sustained growth mind-sets need to be woven into the fabric of a company”.

My executive experience is considerable. As an Executive VP of two large service firms and CEO of a mid-size public company I understand the complexities and challenges of turning a company around and building a winning culture. Pressures, overly optimistic expectations, setback s that lead to much greater success are part of my career”.

If we work together we promise to exceed your expectations. We listen.

We help executives understand and leverage strengths, lessen the impact of weaknesses.

We  provide insight, counsel and perspective on creating  high-performance teams.

Contact us at George@ASTManagementinc.com or call 312 261 5565. We are happy to talk over your unique situation and share what we can accomplish for you.

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