Becoming Your Own Business Coach

December 1, 2009

My book, “Becoming Your Own Business Coach” is now released and available. You can order the book from this website, Amazon, or from your local bookstore. The following are the testimonials from the book cover:

● Self-management is the key to executive success and this book is an important and useful introduction to coaching yourself to excellence.
Dist. Prof of Business, University of Southern California, and author of On Becoming a Leader.
Dr. Warren Bennis

● Dr. George Watts understands the mindset of effective global leaders. With Gandhi inspired introspection coupled with western leadership skills he takes the reader on a personal course of self development. A timeless and practical approach adapted to today’s executive’s challenges.
Dr. Sam Pitroda, Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission, India

● This book is bold because it displays ideas that require you to look at yourself.  It is impossible to read a who you could be, and behavioral questions that make you think.   In a practical sense, this book passes the “flip test.”  You can randomly flip to any page, read what you find, and benefit from the ideas you discover. It is easy to see Dr. Watts’ counseling psychology theme in this book.  We are reminded of the humanistic perspectives of Abraham Maslow, Karen Horney, and Eric Fromm.   We read about confidence, esteem, and perfectionism that lead us to re-experience who we are, and become who we could be.  We are taken behind the behavioral emphasis on what we have done, and move to the inner world of who we are.  This is fresh and enlightening trip out of today’s “fix it” management, and a return to the whole person as the true cause of performance.
Paul C. Green Ph.D.

● One of the most important issues all CEOs face is finding the right talent to lead our businesses to new heights and developing that talent. For years, this has always been at the top of my priority list.  I have observed that the leaders who move ahead in their organizations with the greatest success are the ones who know themselves best — both their strengths and their challenges — and use that knowledge to develop to their fullest potential.  In this book, George Watts distills what he has learned during his many years of working in talent management consulting and shares it with you.  He explains how to gain greater self-knowledge and how to take personal responsibility for your own growth and development as a leader. In my opinion, that is your surest and quickest way to succeed. This book will be an invaluable guide for your journey.
Steven R. Loranger, Chairman, President and CEO, ITT Corporation

● Dr. Watts’ encourages us to focus inwardly and have deep discussions with ourselves in order to project our best selves externally.  By reading this highly engaging book you will be enlightened and excited about how you can reach your own potential and capacity as a leader.  Dr. Watts has given us the GPS with an easy to follow route.  It’s up to each of us to make the journey.
Joyce Russell, President and Chief Operating Officer, Adecco Staffing USA

● This is the rare book that stays with you long after you’ve read the last page. It compels you to think. It inspires you to think differently.  I am confident that  I will be a better business leader for having read this book. I am certain I will be a better person.  First, this book compelled  me to take a good hard look at myself in the mirror, both literally and firguratively. Then it ensured that I would never look at that mirror in quite the same way.  I feel like I just spent a weekend with my wisest, most trusted friend.
David Wilhelm, Founder and Partner, Woodland Ventures

● ” The Galvin’s define leadership as “taking people elsewhere”, to a place they might not have gone unless you the leader were there. We define strategy simply as  “Continuous Renewal” in everything every day and this approach to strategy purposefully includes ambiguity in order to welcome the next new disruptive idea. Innovation which is defined as ‘the introduction of the new’ remains a deep Galvin belief that it is doable, repeatable every decade and a matter of survival. In leading, one must begin with oneself. Dr. Watts represents a compendium of inspirations, insights, checklists and guidelines to begin and ultimately accomplish the task of taking yourself● elsewhere via self renewal and personal innovation.”

Christopher B. Galvin, co-founder and executive chairman, Harrison Street Capital LLC & former chairman and CEO, Motorola Inc.

The right book for this economy.  With unemployment high and companies cutting back everywhere, Dr. Watts has the perfect medicine.  His book empowers individuals to take the initiative to control and guide their career path with an easy to read, easy to implement book.
Cliff Mountain: Founder and Managing Director Accent Capital


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