Leadership Development Consulting

Dr. George Watts & Associates has a straightforward philosophy for executive growth and organizational change. Guided self-awareness is our fundamental orientation. Our work is derived from decades of psychological research and our experience assessing, coaching, training and leading thousands of executives.

Our Basic Process

►Participants from Client organization complete Part One.

►Companies then choose one of two different service offerings for Part Two.


٭  Companies often request all three services, Part (1) and both parts of ( 2). We term this our Executive Platinum Education.  

Please note: every company is unique. Therefore we always customize our approach to your specified needs. Before any work is initiated, Dr. Watts or Certified Consultant spends an hour to two hours talking about culture, goals and issues with the executive sponsor. We mold leadership development seminars and talent management consulting around our client’s specific situation and needs.

Part One

► Each executive is provided an Executive Assessment (Career Analysis, Deductive Reasoning, Personality Measures) to complete in their own time and place. The profiles, collectively, take around an hour and forty-five minutes. Profiles are returned to our office in Chicago, or given to your administrator who is responsible for collecting all participant’s assessments to mail in as a group.

► Each executive goes through an enlightening confidential review of results in a private one-on-one coaching/feedback session. The executive is provided all profiles and data which are expertly interpreted by Dr. Watts or certified consultant. The coaching centers on the executive’s core strengths. These are then molded and defined as behavioral competencies. Dr. Watts and the executive discuss how his/her job can more effectively incorporate strengths into the job. The feedback session is often a remarkable experience. Participants regularly report on the meaningfulness and excitement felt when true strengths are revealed and how these can accentuate their productivity and career.

► Each participant receives “Becoming Your Own Business Coach”, Dr. Watts’s ground-breaking new release. 

► Each participant receives “Guided Self Awareness for Business Professionals”,  our executive development manual based upon the book. The manual is for the participant to use for the off-site day(s). However, The manual is put into use over the next calendar year. The manual is essentially a Guided Journal for “journaling”…a distinctive, personally customized, leadership development plan. It provides structure for further exploration into assessing and becoming increasingly self – aware. The manual is an important part of the entire growth experience. Each chapter takes an important dimension of success and guides the participant through understanding and achieving those strengths and competencies.

► Each participant, after approximately a 90 day period, experiences a second coaching session with Dr. Watts or certified consultant. Progress is reviewed. Additional insights leading to further development is the goal.

Part One is completely delivered via Phone and Internet

Part Two

Option 1. Off-Site Retreat:     After all participating executives complete their confidential feedback coaching session, the team, collectively, meets for a day off-site retreat. Dr. Watts leads and facilitates the meeting. The retreat’s agenda is derived from the executives ideas on how the company’s strengths can be maximized and fused with strategy. However, the agenda is always unique for each client. Agendas that improve team building, improve communication, increasing sales, forumulating strategy, developing processes are popular.

Option 2. “Leadership Triads”:    Dr. Watts facilitates a meeting between each executive that is experiencing  the program and his/her direct boss. (typically the sponsoring senior executive) Dr. Watts discusses the participating executive’s strengths as gleaned from the executive assessment. The meeting’s goal is to improve each executive’s contributions by shaping as many aspects and responsibilities of his/her job to natural strengths.

Please note that we can “leverage” the Executive Assessments in a number of ways. Thus, we have molded our services from Part One into various organizational development consultations: conflict management, relationship/communication improvement, team-building, strategic planning and improving performance management. We will work out the right approach for your needs and situation.

Option 3: Executive Platinum Education: Option One, and both parts of Option Two are combined into our preeminent executive development package (assessment and feedback coaching, Triads with senior leader, Customized Day Retreat, book and manual)


► $3,250.00 per executive. Minimum of twelve executives.

► $3,995.00 per executive for the Executive Platinum Education. Minimum of twelve executives.

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