Inspirational Speaker and Executive Education Authority

Dr. George Watts understands that every audience member possesses unique strengths. He inspires audiences to recognize and activate these strengths; he then coaches the audience on how to create a pathway to catapult their career.

With deep experience in executive personality assessment, leadership coaching and improvement, holding his doctorate in Counseling Psychology and being a former CEO, George brings unique background and gifts to his presentations. Throughout his distinguished career he has imparted wisdom and insight to thousands of executives to help unlock their potential. George understands strategies to move audiences along their life journeys. He brings acumen, unconditional optimism and an engaging style to every presentation. Audiences take with them new perspectives, insights and knowledge to improve upon their natural strengths. 


(We are always happy to customize a speech for your specific needs. Just call us and we will mold a presentation around your vision)

1.  “The Power of Self Awareness”

How to Unlock Your Highest Executive Potential

This impactful speech shares that the power to be extraordinary is already within you. This interactive and fascinating presentation will demonstrate how to connect with and use your strengths to maximize career and corporate success. This experience will awaken the capabilities and competencies that each of us is endowed with. George only asks that you come with an open mind, a willing heart and a desire to be even more successful.

Dr. Watts engages the audience and helps them understand his five powerful concepts:

  1. The deeper and better you understand yourself the more successful you become.
  2. Understanding and leveraging your core strengths optimizes success.
  3. Holding deep conversations within allows you to hold powerful conversations with others.
  4. Take full and complete responsibility for your career and life. It is tremendously empowering.
  5. When you rise above your ego, you become an emotionally intelligent leader.

Dr. George Watts uses the science of psychology, personal examples and audience participation to instruct, inform, and entertain your way to enlightenment! It’s also a terrific way to open a conference and develop your executive team!

2. Becoming a Great Team Leader

In this speech Dr. Watts discusses the power of positive teams. If you have been on a team that is firing on all cylinders, the aims and goals of the team move forward at a surprising rate. When you observe these phenomena for the first time, it leaves a lasting impression. You realize the power of positive employee engagement and teamwork.

Today’s world demands that leaders establish adult-to-adult relationships with subordinates. The emergent leader, through psychological maturity, realizes that that an important role is facilitating the team toward the ideals and objectives of the company. With globalization, the modern leader understands that creating social networks and virtual teams within the company is an important key to innovation.

Dr. Watts asks these questions to the audience and then spontaneously discusses the underlying dynamics:

  • Who is the finest team leader you have ever worked for?
  • What qualities does he or she have?
  • What is the one most important thing he or she taught you?
  • Why do managers fail to build a team

Dr. Watts will explore some of the most important ways of creating great team chemistry.

  • The deepening of culture
  • Team Leadership skills
  • Team Cohesiveness

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