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Companies now fully realize that their biggest asset is innovative and motivated human talent. A talent management system must be worked into the business strategy and implemented in daily processes throughout the company. Dr. George Watts and Associates are the business partner your company needs to assess critical hires. We specialize in executive and sales assessment, organizational development, “C” suite coaching assignments and leadership development and improvement.

The costs of making the wrong hiring decision are enormous.

Data-driven, scientific processes supplement resumes, references, gut instinct, opinions and politics to improve Talent Management strategies.

Our Fundamental Principles

Behavioral competencies, personality traits, cognitive ability and values are critical in hiring decisions.

Performance improves when signature strengths are leveraged.

Context is critical in “fit” between a prospective hire and opportunity.

Safeguard Your Talent Management Needs to our Team of Trusted Advisors.

Each consultant holds their Doctoral Degree from a renowned university.

Are well-represented in professional societies and academic literature.

We only use the most valid, legal instruments and profiles.

Each consultant have over 20 years experience in management consulting.

Below is the Scope of Professional Services Available to Assist you With Your Talent Management Needs.

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Executive Assessment

Research and experience prove that between 40-50% of executives fail in the first 18 months. However, success is scientifically predictable.

The Dr. George Watts and Associates approach for these human capital initiatives consists of testing and profiling cognitive ability (critical thinking and deductive reasoning), personality structure and bio data. We also assess the organizational context and culture the position must function in.

We believe that four key reasons exist to conduct executive assessments:

Identify High Potentials

Create Career Ladders

Develop Skill Sets

Assess External Job Candidates

Our Three Step Process:

1. We categorize the precise behavioral competencies needed for job success. We build a systematic, research-based job skills description that provides the foundation for a comprehensive selection interview.

2. We compile an individualized assessment report that assists in a hire / no hire decision. We utilize legally valid and defensible personality, behavioral, attitudinal and cognitive measures.

3. Once on board, the new hire speaks with Dr. Watts or our Consultant to review assessment results, target identified weak areas for improvement and leverages their inherent strengths.

We examines the fit between our client firm’s culture and the personality traits of the job candidate. The lack of fit is a major cause of executive failure.

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Talent Management To Lead In A Global Marketplace

Management & Sales Profiling

Research consistently reveals that General Managers and Front Line Supervisors experience more stress than anyone else in the firm. Turnover creates operational and service delivery quality issues. The result? Your sales force sells, you lose as many customers as you gain, which creates flat top line growth.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Dr. George Watts works with you to understand the precise behavioral competencies needed for the position’s success. Then we profile job candidates against that job analysis using cutting edge profiling techniques.

The result? Better hires with fewer turnovers.

Dr. Watts’ proprietary profiling system combines cognitive ability, personality and background data to provide a job comfort prediction. Much more than the weak computer-driven report you have seen before. We actually speak with the hiring manager one-on-one and make specific recommendations.

When You Need to Build a Solid Team of Front Line Management, Call Dr. George Watts

Building a team of street warriors is one of the most challenging aspects of building a successful business.

Sales drive more than revenue.

Our sales candidate assessment system is grounded in scientific research and has proven business impact.

A PhD level behavioral scientist specializing in the development of superior consultative sales forces will interpret the scientific data (profiling intellect, personality structure and background suited for success) to give a hire / no hire decision along with valuable coaching information to get your new hire off to a great start.

Call Dr. George Watts and Associates to receive the benefit of our expertise from over thirty years of assessing high quality sales people.

We Understand How to Build a Sales Driven Company.

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