Talent Management

  • Executive Assessment
  • Management & Sales Profiling
  • Executive Coaching
  • Identifying High Potentials
  • Succession Planning
  • Organizational Development

Executive Assessment

Research and experience prove that between 40-50% of executives fail in the first 18 months. However, success is scientifically predictable. The Dr. George Watts and Associates approach for these human capital initiatives consists of testing and profiling cognitive ability (critical thinking and deductive reasoning), personality structure and bio data. We also assess the organizational context and culture the position must function in.

We believe that four key reasons exist to conduct executive assessments:

  1. Identify High Potentials
  2. Create Career Ladders
  3. Develop Skill Sets
  4. Assess External Job Candidates

Our Three Step Process:

  1. We categorize the precise behavioral competencies needed for job success. We build a systematic, research-based job skills description that provides the foundation for a comprehensive selection interview.
  2. We compile an individualized assessment report that assists in a hire / no hire decision. We utilize legally valid and defensible personality, behavioral, attitudinal and cognitive measures.
  3. Once on board, the new hire speaks with Dr. Watts or our Consultant to review assessment results, target identified weak areas for improvement and leverages their inherent strengths.

We examine the fit between our client firm’s culture and the personality traits of the job candidate. The lack of fit is a major cause of executive failure.

Management & Sales Profiling

Research consistently reveals that General Managers and Front Line Supervisors experience more stress than anyone else in the firm. Turnover creates operational and service delivery quality issues. The result? Your sales force sells, you lose as many customers as you gain, which creates flat top line growth.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Dr. Watts works with you to understand the precise behavioral competencies needed for the position’s success. Then we profile job candidates against that job analysis using cutting edge profiling techniques.
The result? Better hires with fewer turnovers.

Dr. Watts’ proprietary profiling system combines cognitive ability, personality and background data to provide a job comfort prediction. Much more than the weak computer-driven report you have seen before. We actually speak with the hiring manager one-on-one and make specific recommendations.

Building a team of street warriors is one of the most challenging aspects of building a successful business.

Sales drive more than revenue.

Our sales candidate assessment system is grounded in scientific research and has proven business impact. A PhD level behavioral scientist specializing in the development of superior consultative sales forces will interpret the scientific data (profiling intellect, personality structure and background suited for success) to give a hire / no hire decision along with valuable coaching information to get your new hire off to a great start.

Executive Coaching

What improvements would you like to see in your career?

Move beyond blockages that are interfering with your success. Clarify exactly what you want out of life, keep on track and make it happen.

Through a proven, intense fifteen week behavioral competency driven program, Dr. Watts coaches and identifies specific behavioral competency issues and then structures a results-oriented plan for your team. Designed to give executives and salespeople the essential opportunity to step away from their day-to-day routine to plan, strategize and energize their workplace skills.
Refining and increasing their goals naturally follows.

Top executives and top salespeople know that it is crucial to their development to have the opportunity to participate in a program focused on improving the skills necessary to deliver value to the bottom line. Firms that promote the value coaching provides and offer the services to their people create an environment of positive trust. It creates a high level of commitment amongst the participants. Retain key people by investing in their personal and professional value.

Identifying High Potentials

Do you proactively manage the risk associated with losing top talent?

Do you have a critical talent pipeline planning process?

Does your firm have a solid plan in place that ensures the continuation of high performance?

Matching the right talent with the right professional growth opportunities and aligning individuals’ goals with corporate priorities is crucial to your firm’s future. The aim is to build a bench of uniquely talented, high performing managers and executives. Dr. George Watts and Associates will assist in creating the back-up necessary to assure that the firm remains strong for years to come. Safeguard your succession plans by developing talented individuals for key roles with Dr. George Watts and Associates coaching. We will assist you in creating a fact-driven unbiased plan to identify the next generation of leaders within your firm and help determine the training and skills they need to develop that will enable them to step up to the next level.

Succession Planning

Leadership Succession Planning aids senior executives in objectively evaluating and tracking the talent necessary for future leadership.

Ensure that highly qualified people, not just today, but tomorrow, next year, and five years from now, are ready to smoothly step in and take over a position they have been groomed for. Succession planning establishes a process that identifies and recruits employees, develops their skills and abilities, and prepares them for advancement, all while retaining them to ensure a return on the firm’s sunken cost investment.

Succession planning involves:

  1. Understanding the workforce’s developmental needs.
  2. Determining workforce trends and predictions.
  3. Putting the right person in the right opportunity.

Organizational Development

When members of a firm need to increase the effectiveness of their organization Dr. George Watts and Associates is a great partner to have.

Virtual and cross-functional matrixed organizations often have blurry and confusing power relationships. Competition for limited resources increases the tension. Different constituencies with different goals need to work together to achieve the best results.

OD is:

  1. A Planned Effort
  2. Organization Wide
  3. Managed From The Top
  4. To Increase Organization Effectiveness And Health
  5. Planned Interventions

In the organization’s “processes,” OD is a complex strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values and structure of an organization. The process will smoothly guide your people into adapting new strategies, technologies, markets and challenges.

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